Are You a “House” or a “Location” Person?

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Are You a “House” or a “Location” Person?

In this 8-part series, How to Find the Right Home for You and Your Budget, youll learn how to find a home that is the right fit for your lifestyle, needs and, most importantly, your budget. It takes you through each step in order for you to make a smart real estate decision. 

When you’re thinking about buying a home, what pops up in your mind? Are you most excited about living near your favorite coffee shop, certain restaurants, or trails for running and biking? Or are you filled with the anticipation of having a home with awesome features, like a chef’s kitchen, deluxe primary suite, or a large yard with a pool?

Typically, people tend to lean toward one or the other — being a “house person” or “location person.” Which are you?

To be honest, it’s rare for any buyer to find their dream home in their dream location within their budget. That’s why you need to figure out what’s most important to YOU and where you’re willing to compromise.

Some buyers want a larger house with lots of space for entertaining or for their family needs no matter what and are willing to be flexible about the actual location.

Others hold true to the real estate creed of “location, location, location” and make the neighborhood and community their priority.

What Matters Most to You?

Taking the time to really think about your wants and needs before looking for homes will help your search go more smoothly and help you make a smart real estate decision.

Here’s what to do: Make the three lists (below) – and use some of the brainstorming prompts to help get you going:

1) What are the characteristics you want in a location? How close do you want to be to your favorite things in life, whether that be a running trail or a coffee shop? How many things do you need to be able to get to easily or be in your neighborhood?  Does commuting in to work need to be a factor? What features of a location will have the most the impact on your daily routine?  Are schools important?

2) Whats important about your home other than location? What are those features you dream about or feel like you lack now? How much space will you need in the next 5 years? What things do you really want on your list, such as yard space, office space, a garage, 2 bedrooms down, or a gourmet kitchen, etc.?

3) What is your absolute deal breaker(s) when it comes to a home or location? For example, yard size, traffic/busy road, one-story home, not enough storage space for toys, long commute time, etc.

Look over your lists and see what really stands out and makes you feel that it’s a “must” for you. Is it on the location list or the house list?

This item should be something that you’re willing to make a priority in your search and will help dictate if you’re a house or location person. Remember, it also needs to be realistic.

This entire analysis also should help you know what factors you’re willing to compromise on or do without in a home.

Location, Location, Location Love

If you’ve determined that “location” is your answer, then you know that “where you live” affects everything about your lifestyle (and you want that lifestyle no matter what!).

You also have the attitude that you can always “change” the home to make it better suit you but you can’t change the location. This is an important factor when you consider resale and living in a neighborhood that will retain its value.

Since location and neighborhood mean a lot to you, you’ll have to see what type of home you can purchase within your budget.

Homebody Rules

If you’ve determined that “house” is your answer, you know that a home’s features are the key selling point for you rather than a specific location. Spending time at home, entertaining, and just enjoying your space will make a house the RIGHT fit for you.

Some buyers lean toward this answer since they would rather buy a move-in ready home and be flexible with its location in order to find one within their budget. Or, even if a certain location is tempting, these buyers know that renovating a home or purchasing one too small is out of the question for them.

With a little give and take you can find the RIGHT home you’ll love in good location that works for you and your family.

Just know that you can have what you want in a home–location, size, and a price you are comfortable with.  If you feel stuck, reach out and I’ll get you unstuck quickly.

In next weeks article in my Find the Perfect Home for You and Your Budget series, youll be warned about the three steps most homebuyers skip, and you dont want to be one of those buyers!

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I'm Jennifer Mestayer (Med-E-A) and I love helping Cypress families buy and sell their
homes as they move through the varying stages of life.  From first homes to forever homes...
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Hi, there!

I'm Jennifer Mestayer (Med-E-A) and I love helping Cypress families buy and sell their homes as they move through the varying stages of life. From first homes to forever homes...Let me know how I can help you make your real estate dreams come true. 

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